Well, a group of 36 blokes from TGS (The Good Shepherd) went up to Lake Tinaroo last weekend for our annual MYB Camp (Men, Youth & Boys). The whole weekend was absolutely superb. Some of us turned up on Friday and stayed the whole time until Sunday arvo. Some of us turned up for just one of the days, and the majority turned up on Saturday morning and headed home just after lunch on Sunday.

The only two negatives for me were that I couldn’t find a dishwasher in the amenities – haha – and I ran out of timber again. I don’t know what it is, but the timber for our fire always seems to run out – and I even took more this time!

Yes, the whole camp was very well organised and ran like clock-work. The guys who head up the Men’s Ministry ought to be congratulated. Thank you! Besides all the water events: kayaking, skiing, tubing and some fishing, we all gathered together for every meal and various people had turns to thank the Lord before we ate. We also had three little Bible Studies together, breaking into groups having a mix of boys, youth and men. And we had our usual outdoor church service on Sunday morning at 8am. Rod Cole-Clarke gave his inaugural sermon at this, speaking about Zacchaeus, the short guy in the Bible. He seemed to naturally relate very well to Zacchaeus!

Talking about ’natural’, the highlight for me, besides sitting up very late on Saturday night around the campfire with a group of guys solving all the problems in the world, was the Bible Studies we did together in small groups. It was lovely to have in each group, a mix of men, youth and boys, looking at God’s word together, discussing it and praying together. After spending time together during the day doing other activities, it seemed so natural – certainly not forced – to then hang out together quietly with God.

It seems to me that there is such a push today to come back to things that are natural. Well there should be nothing more natural than to come together and hang out quietly with God. I hope all who went to this camp, repeat what we did up at this Blokes’ Camp, but this time with their very own families. I also hope that we all at TGS make the effort to do what should come natural. Why not start with doing a family Bible Study together once a week? If you don’t have family living with you, why not start perhaps meeting with another person or two during the week. It might not feel that natural at first for some, but what is natural will become natural if you give it the time.

Trev Saggers


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September 13, 2020