Now I am guessing that most of us do not know what on earth is a Neomarica. Well, it is the name of a plant. And the name that some of us might know it as, is ’Walking Iris’. It is a plant that seems to walk along the ground in the way that it spreads, hence the name ‘walking’. Some people know it as the ‘Apostle Plant’, as it won’t usually bloom until it has twelve leaves. It is also a plant that blooms—that bursts forth in flower—pretty much out of the blue.

We have them in our front garden. And when we recently came home from our annual leave holiday (three weeks in Tasmania—and yes, it lived up to the nickname I have given it: Northern Antarctica), they were all in flower. It was a nice greeting!

And why do I mention such a flower? I mention it because Jesus tells us to look at them. Yes, he tells us to look at how the flowers of the field grow (Matthew 6:28). And why? To help convince us to not worry.

You see, James, one of our wardens (elders) here at TGS (The Good Shepherd), who has the ministry oversight of our finances, is going to bring us today, the monthly financial update. And whenever he does, I feel for him, as I think it’s fair to say that the leaders here have quite different ideas as to what one should say, and how to say it, when it comes to finances. I also get a little concerned by this time of the year if our weekly giving is behind our budget. And unfortunately it is, to the tune of $13,000. And so I feel the temptation to worry about it all.

Well, last Thursday morning, after my time with the Lord on our back deck, reading his word and praying about this very matter. I took some rubbish to the bin at the front of our place, and noticed that all our Walking Irises are in full bloom again! If you have some, maybe yours were too last week. And the Lord reminded of his words: See how the flowers of the field grow!

Seeing this, has helped me not to fall into the temptation of worrying. Seeing this, has reminded me that our Lord knows our every need. And if he provides for the flowers of the field to grow, he will certainly provide for the children of his kingdom. May we as a church family continue to seek his kingdom and his righteousness, and as we do so, he shall provide.



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