New Year, New Resolutions, new time for Night Church

It has been announced this week that as of the 31st of January 2016 Night Church will move from 6pm to 5pm. I was once told that people hate change and if you can, avoid it. So, you might be asking why, why change something like this? In the end it is always the same, there will be some who want the service to stay at 6pm and others who want it move to 5pm. This will cause, you could say disruption. So why go there?

Well, in the end it came down to, not what do I want to do but what does God wants us to do. I personally would like it to remain at 6pm. This suits me far more than 5pm. But the more we prayed and the more we investigated, the more it became clear that God was leading us to this decision. Our driving question was “What will bear more fruit for the kingdom of God?” The answer we received was 5pm.

As I think about next year, I am excited for what God will do in and through us at TGS and 5pm. I am encouraged that so many have seen this change as a positive and seen the opportunity for kingdom ministry. I am looking forward in 2016 to taking risks in ministry, stepping out in faith and proclaiming God to our beautiful community in Cairns.

We pray that the move to 5pm will bear much fruit for Jesus’ name sake. Many have mentioned their reasons for wanting it to change to 5pm, some of these are: 5pm is a less awkward time for their non-Christian friends to come. Others have said that it provides opportunity for hospitality ministry as this time allows them to more easily have people over after the service. Still others have said they can invite a non-Christian friend to church and then go out with them after for dinner, something they have missed out on in the past. Also their have been a number of families say that this is a better time for them to attend, especially with teenage children, a demography we want to reach out to. There are more but hopefully you can see that there is good reason to take this ‘risk’ and make the change.

Please pray with me that God will use 5pm’s passion and zeal for him, to see the lost in Cairns won for Christ.                                             

Chris F.


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