No more TLA’s?

From Wednesday night to Friday Cameron was in Brisbane at The Gospel Coalition’s National Leaders’ Consultation (is it only Christians who love long titles?). So what was that and why did Cameron go?

The Gospel Coalition (TGC) is a group (started in America) which brings together Evangelical Christians for fellowship, strengthening and more effective   ministry. It has heaps of resources on their web site which can help you to honour Christ each week — TGS has now started in Australia.

The Leaders’ Consultation brought together Christians from each State and Territory in Australia to help us understand more about how to minister the gospel in Australia so that we can be more effective leaders in God’s church here. The Consultation was also for TGC leadership to hear from people about how they think the Coalition can be of most use to Australian churches.

Trevor participated in the Anglican Future’s Conference in Melbourne in March and this is part of my ’Professional Development’. Why bother going? Because as a     Pastor, gathering with other Pastors can be a very stimulating and helpful thing to periodically do. That is a reason why the Wardens here at your church encourage Trev, Chris and myself to go to things like this Consultation. Another reason is that as an Evangelical church we do not function on our own, but are part of the ‘network’ of other Evangelical churches throughout this country. So we want to be connected to, learn from, and hopefully benefit other congregations.

This is one reason why e.g. for the periodic youth OneNight events TGS gathers with youth from other churches here in Cairns.

So, while TGC is another TLA (three letter acronym) and TLA’s are unlikely to   disappear anytime soon, there is benefit to TGS from TGC … and similar events!

Cameron Wills



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