NQCC statements that grabbed me

Friends, the below are some of the statements that grabbed me at the inaugural North Queensland Christian Convention last weekend at Mission Beach. It certainly was a time of great soaking: soaking in God’s word as we looked at the life of Joseph (Genesis 37-45) and the Sovereignty of God (Romans 8-10); as well as soaking in the rain! But what a great weekend it was. There were 210 people at it (140 adults and 70 children) from Townsville and Cairns Anglican and Presbyterian churches. Next year is already locked in, so put it in your calendars now: 6th-8th June 2015.

The more Christians are pushed to the extremities of society, the sicker society becomes.

Just because you can’t see God, doesn’t mean God is absent.

His ways are not always mine, but His ways always had me on his mind.

No one who boards the bus bound for glory will be kicked off.

What starts in eternity ends in eternity; none of God’s children will be lost.

If it is not in your life you don’t need it; If it is in your life you do need it.

As a child of God, the cry of “Abba, Father”, doesn’t just pop into your mind, it bursts from the heart.

If God can save a dysfunctional family like Jacob’s, he can save yours.

It’s not that we’ve got to, rather, it is that we get to.

If the devil reminds you of your past, remind him of his future!



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September 13, 2020