On balance, how much do you realise?

Lots of people say that youve got to have balance’: dont be onesided etc. And sometimes we can make the mistake of thinking that different aspects of life or Gods character are opposed to each other e.g. How can a God of love punish people for sin?i.e. How can God be simultaneously loving and punish? Well, just the same as you can be rightly angry with someone you love when they do something wrong.

So, being Biblically balanceddoesnt mean having a bitof this e.g. a bit of love, and a bitof that e.g. a bit of justiceit means having both 100%. God is totally/completely/utterly love and simultaneously totally/completely/utterly just. So how Biblically balanced are you?

In Ephesians 1 the Apostle Paul tells us that we have EVERY spiritual blessing in Christ in the heavenlies. This is amazing! Astounding! Wonderful! But remember, thats not every physical/material blessing in the here and now. Some in the Corinthian church had forgotten that, thinking they had the fullness of Gods blessings and gifts in the here and now. In effect, they thought aspects of heaven (life then) had already come (in technical theological terms they had an overrealised eschatology— now theres a phrase to amaze & confuse people!)

So, in Chapter 4 Paul uses sarcasm to make them realise this. He says you are already filled, you have already become rich, you have become kings without us [i.e. without Paul and Apollos, who plantedand watered(respectively) the gospel amongst them]; and I wish indeed that you had become kings so that we also might reign with you.” (verse 8). Then in vv913 Paul outlines some of many sufferings he endured as an Apostle — and its a long and sobering list!

So, did Paul forget that he had all spiritual blessings “? No. But he knew that those blessings are in the heavenly realms in Christ— not in himself and not experienced in their fullness here and now. Thats why life is a mixture of good and bad, rejoicing and sadness.

So please do be 100% thankful for and rejoice in all those spiritual blessings you have in Christ. BUT ALSO 100% don’t expect heaven now. Realise that experiencing all the blessings is only totally realisedlater.

So on balance, how much do you realise? …




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