On Launch Camp

In April a handful of our youth went on a Christian leadership camp called Launch. Here is a testimony about Launch from one of the youth who went.

I must admit before I went on Launch camp this year I was pretty nervous. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect or what it would be like at all. I had only heard that it would be a good camp to go on. Little did I know that this camp would be one of the best and most encouraging camps that I would go on.

Everyday was completely focused on God and our personal relationship with Him. First off, we would have quiet time where we would all find our own place in the camp site, and just spend time with God—praying and reading His word. Next up we all came together for ’The Gathering’, singing, prayers, and an extremely thought-provoking talk (or sermon). We would then go into our connect groups and read the Bible together. We looked more deeply into what the passage was telling us. Following this, the whole camp would join together again for a ministry workshop. These workshops were mainly focused on outreach, and  they taught us how to have a bible based, fun, spiritually fruitful youth group. The final God-focused activity we did was prayer groups. In these groups, we just got together and prayed about whatever was on our hearts; which was amazing to do because although you barely knew these people, you all shared a common interest.

What I loved most about this camp, was that you were surrounded by strong Christians who were all in a similar stage of their faith. Also, everyday you were challenged by God’s word and encouraged to realise that you’re never too young to make a difference. There were many things that I took out of this camp, but the main thought was that everyone is on a mission. In life everyone has a mission and this mission impacts their life. As Christians, our mission is this: to share the Gospel, and to live the Gospel. This is what really encouraged me as I was reminded that even though the world will try to tempt and pull me away—this is what really matters and this is the mission God has set for me. I definitely look forward to camp next year. I can’t wait for more challenges, more learning about ministry, more friends, and: a closer relationship with God! 

Sam Gaunt


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September 13, 2020