Oxygen Conference

It was encouraging to see a group of nine from TGS attend this recent conference in Sydney. It is the second one that has been run by KCC (Katoomba Christian Convention), the first being in 2011. To put you in the picture as to what it’s about, I have copied below, part of what the Chairman of KCC, Al Stewart, said, in his welcome:

“Like ploughing concrete” – that’s how I’ve heard Christian ministry described by a few people lately. I’m sure some of us will have felt that way. But we shouldn’t be surprised that ministry and leadership feel like hard work. The Apostle Paul tells us to expect it. In 2 Timothy, he uses the examples of the soldier (focus), the athlete (by the rules) and the farmer (plain hard work)…. Oxygen is about refreshing people in all forms of Christian ministry by giving Jesus’ servants a renewed vision of the greatness and uniqueness of their Lord Jesus.

It’s always hard to know what feedback to provide after such a conference, as there is so much one can say, so I thought I’d give you a taste of some of the things said:

  • If I had known it was going to be like this (heaven), I would have invested more into it.
  • Some things are beyond understanding, but not beyond acceptance.
  • When the law exposes our human sinfulness, the light exposes the cross.
  • The most important reason for believing that humans are special is this: God became one.
  • God will put you in situations where you have nothing to lean on but his glorious grace and sovereign rule.
  • This side of eternity it is very, very hard to keep in your heart what is important in eternity.
  • The blood and guts of this broken world splash their way over all the pages in the Bible.
  • If I have to measure up, I am done, because even in the most glorious moment of my life, I still fall way short of the glory of God.
  • My biggest failing as a shepherd is failing to be a sheep.
  • It is a worry when one’s children have never gone without.
  • How good is the theology you teach yourself when faced with the unexpected?
  • The one funeral we are all waiting for, and will celebrate, is the funeral for Satan, sin and death.



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September 13, 2020