‘Partying Priests’?

What are ‘Priests’ really like? … Wednesday night’s episode of the show ‘You can’t ask that’ on the ABC was about ‘Priests’ i.e. Pastors. I think there were at least two ordained Anglican Ministers interviewed. The show is about people being asked questions they wouldn’t normally be asked in ‘polite conversation’.

For us Christians, meeting a Pastor is normal, but for so many people it is very rare and unusual. I met a person recently who said they had never met a Pastor before! Most Aussies do not have a conversation with a Pastor; the most likely time they will see one is at a funeral and lots of people don’t want to talk to ‘the Minister’ at a sad time like that.

I only saw a small part of the show but in what I saw Pastors were asked about how much Lord’s Supper wine they drink(!) and whether ‘Priests’ party much’ One man said that at times they did! (So, you should ask Trevor what he got up to on his holidays … :)

But, yes, I like to smile and laugh and drink (a little bit of) alcohol (I actually don’t like the taste of most alcohol). But laughing has been harder lately … But I, Trevor and Chris are ‘just’ normal people (well, at least I am :) … I think …)

So that it one reason why I dislike being called a Priest, because ALL Christians are priests (1 Peter 2:5,9) just as all Israelites were priests (Exodus 19:6) and labelling Pastors as ‘Priests’ (for most people) takes away from thinking that we are all priests — it diminishes who we are as the saved people of God. It’s the same thing for the title Minister— ‘minister’ just means ‘servant’ and ALL Christians are servants of God/Christ (e.g. Ephesians 4:11-12). The most common title for a church leader in the N.T. is Elder (presbuteros) or Overseer (episcopos). They are more common than even ’Pastor’.

But in conclusion, I can tell you one thing for sure: all priests (i.e. all of God’s people from both old and new covenants) will be ’partying priests’ for all eternity (e.g. Luke 14:15). And that’s worth celebrating!

Cameron Wills


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