Please Pray For This!

Because I’m going on leave tomorrow, Wednesday was my last 2016 Religious Instruction class at Edge Hill school. It was a bit sad — sad that I won’t see many of the kids again, but even sadder that my opportunity to teach them about the gospel and Christ has concluded (unless I see them again).

Over a year the kids become dear to you (some more so than others J), in part because of who they are, but even more so because you are sharing God’s word with them. It is a joy to see them learning or being interested in the Bible, or just being glad to be in Religion class. Yes, at times it’s frustrating or disappointing or discouraging — but then at other times it’s very good!

So please pray for the 2016 R.I. kids of 6A and 6B: pray that they will remember some of what they learnt about God, Jesus and the Bible; pray that will remember that God can give them the help and strength they need in life; pray that they make a good transition to high school; pray that the Christian kids will stay strong with Jesus; and pray that many of the kids who aren’t believers will be saved.

Much of what I’ve just said about R.I. is also so true of us here at church. Sometimes people leave TGS and it’s sad when they do, because (hopefully J) they have become very dear to us. So please pray for those who have to leave TGS this year: pray that they will find another gospel-centred, Christ focused, Bible-teaching church.

While we are in TGS together we have a season, an opportunity, to share life together, to share Christ and to share God’s word with one another. Let’s use this opportunity for each other’s benefit. So how would you like to spend time with me, as one of your Pastors?

Finally, please pray for a good rest for R.I. teachers after this week: that they will be refreshed, rejuvenated and again be enthused to teach children the gospel (you can also pray for classroom teachers and other school workers, who will need a good break!) — because R.I. is a season to be taken advantage of.

Cameron Wills


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September 13, 2020