Post AGM

Thank you very much to the approximately 75 people who attended the AGM. There were also many people who wished to attend but couldn’t. Here’s a partial summary — the Budget for 2019 was approved; James Sartain and Rod Cole-Clarke were re-elected as Wardens (Elders). Alex Kochi was newly elected as an Elder. Congratulations; Craig Waters, Judy Nickles, Scott Saggers, Rod Meakin, Kristin Hohoi and Stephen Bull were re-elected as Councillors (Deacons). Mella Beaumont, Joe Clark & Howard Oates were newly elected. Congrats. Each of the two motions of General Business were passed with a sea of hands raised in the Affirmative and with zero votes against; The two motions passed were, ‘That the Good Shepherd Anglican Church Edge Hill: 1) ‘assent to the GAFCON Jerusalem Declaration 2008.’ 2) ‘supports GAFCON Australia in its objects and aims.’; If you would like any more information about the motions or GAFCON you can: read the information on pp51-55 of the AGM booklet if you haven’t already; go to, including the Resources tab; go to for the parent body; The Jerusalem Declaration mentions (amongst other things): ‘the three historic creeds’ (Apostles’, Nicene & Athanasian Creeds); ‘the four Ecumenical Councils’ (First Council of Nicaea (325), First Council of Constantinople (381), Council of Ephesus (431) and Council of Chalcedon (451)); and the 39 Articles (Anglican Confession). You can Google any of these. We encourage you to especially know the Creeds and Articles. The Councils were very important—but I realise not all love historical and theological details ; It was a very good AGM: thanks be to God. Cameron


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