A Minute from a Minister

Well, our Parish Annual Meeting is over for another year. And I must say that the way we conducted ourselves was indeed ‘worthy of the saints’. Thank you. And thank you Lord. As I said at the meeting, it is truly amazing to think that those in Christ Jesus are called saints (Ephesians 1:1). We have been sanctified, forgiven and set free: alleluia!

And it was my prayer that the way we conducted ourselves, would be worthy of such a holy position, by faith in Christ, of being one of his saints, his holy children. So thank you for the questions you asked at the meeting, the answers that were given and more importantly for the way we asked and answered. I thought that all matters were discussed with a great care toward one another and with much thankfulness to the Lord.

In case you haven’t heard, when it comes to leadership appointments, our three wardens (elders) were re-elected: Rod Cole-Clarke, James Sartain and Richard Unwin. And our parish Councillors (deacons) for 2015, with some new faces (well not that new, but you know what I mean) are: Stephen Bull, Phil Harrison, Kristin Hohoi, Rod Meakin, Judy Nickles, Scott Saggers, Felicity Sartain and Craig Waters (plus one more to be appointed). After the PAM, Judy was once again asked by the wardens to be Treasurer, and Craig Waters asked by the newly formed Parish Council to be Secretary, and they both accepted.

Please pray for those who lead God’s family, and therefore serve you, in this way. It is not always easy discussing some fairly weighty matters at times, and so requires a maturity in the Lord, a humble spirit to listen to what one might not have considered, and great wisdom. Please pray that just as we conducted ourselves ‘worthy of the saints’ at PAM, we do so likewise at our regular Parish Council meetings.

Your brother and pastor in Christ

Trev Saggers


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September 13, 2020