I have just started going through a teaching series called ‘Radical’ by David Platt. It is a confronting and ‘in your face’ series. It is about how Christians in the west live so differently as followers of Jesus to the first Christians. Really, how we have missed Jesus’ teaching to radically follow him!

It challenges us to think about our lives, asking the question. “Are you following God or are you asking God to follow and bless you and your dreams, agendas, desires, goals and life in general?” But, when you look at the words of Jesus, he says in Luke 14:25-35, (paraphrasing) anyone who doesn’t love him more than their family cannot be one of his disciples. And anyone who does not take up their cross (that is be willing to be abused, rejected, persecuted for Jesus) cannot be my disciple. And again anyone who does not give up everything they have cannot be my disciple.

This is a radical picture of what it means to follow Jesus and yet Jesus says you cannot be one of his followers if you don’t have these three radical commitments to him.

David Platt challenges the modern view of being a Christian saying, it has been reduced to asking someone if they believe that they are a sinner and if they believe that Jesus died for the forgiveness of sins. If they answer yes then they are a Christian. The problem with this, is that Satan can answer yes to both of those questions too.

The teaching series forces you to look at what Jesus says it is to be a follower of him, on his terms not our terms.

Friends, as we enter into 2018 consider if you are following Jesus on your terms or on his terms, if you are following Jesus or if you are asking him to follow and bless you. Jesus demands radical commitment. He did with his first disciples and he does with us today too. So, as you plan this year, plan how you will radically follow Jesus, giving up everything for him, his mission, his agenda, his desires and his glory.




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September 13, 2020