We certainly had a good week of rain in Cairns last week, and it was pretty much unexpected. At Freshwater we emptied our overflowing 150mm rain gauge six times and it was half full of rain again before the sun shone through. So in total we had 1 metre of rain at least. I started thinking ‘where on earth does all this rain keep coming from?’

All of this reminds me of how it rained in the time of Noah. We are told in Genesis 7:

All the springs of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened. And rain fell on the earth forty days and forty nights. (verses 11-12) 

Over the years I have had many a conversation about the great flood – and some of those conversations with people who claim to be believers.  And many a person has suggested that the great flood couldn’t have been that extensive so as to flood the earth. But we are told quite the opposite (verses 17ff). We are specifically told that it did indeed cover all the high mountains under the entire heavens, and well and truly.

The rains of last week, like other patches of heavy rain make me realise that it wouldn’t take much to flood the whole earth if it kept raining. Last week’s rain was patchy and continued on and off for one week. But imagine what rain could do if it wasn’t patchy and kept up for seven weeks, and was heavy (let alone all the underground springs letting loose)!

Well, thankfully the rainbow in the sky reminds us that God will never flood the world again (Genesis 9:12ff). But the events of flooding rain should remind us that God will once again bring his judgement on all the earth and its people. Praise God we have something that will not burn up on judgment day. And it isn’t just something. His name is Jesus.