Raising children in Christ

On Sunday I saw my favourite Not a Fan sermon intro video. What I liked about it was the response a parent gave for why his daughter was no longer a follower of Jesus (putting aside predestination). The phrase was “We raised her in church but we didn’t raise her in Christ”.

Friends, is it just me or did that strike you too? I have been thinking about that ever since. Are we raising our kids in church or in Christ? Or, even more personally to ask the question of ourselves, are we growing in church or are we growing in Christ? There is a big difference between rules and a relationship, isn’t there? And it begs the questions: Where is your focus? Where is my focus? Where do you direct your kids? Is it the church and rules or is it Jesus and a relationship with him?

A test is this – can you tell someone the 10 commandments?

And a follow up question is – can you tell someone 10 reasons on why you love Jesus (or things you know about him because you know him)? This will help you see if you have a little of Jesus and a lot of rules or all of Jesus and all the rules.

Oh Lord, may we truly grow in and closer to the wonderful man Jesus.


The 10 commandments                             10 reasons why I love Jesus

1.                                                                      1.

2.                                                                      2.

3.                                                                      3.

4.                                                                      4.

5.                                                                      5.

6.                                                                      6.

7.                                                                      7.

8.                                                                      8.

9.                                                                      9.

10.                                                                    10.



Chris F




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