RI Survey

At the conference Cameron and I attended last week, the lead speaker shared about the reality of how things are today, when it comes to people’s attitude towards the church. As an example, he shared how RI, that is, Religious Instruction (Christian Instruction), was dropped from the curriculum in Victoria without any consultation at all with the many faithful people who have been doing it, day-in day-out, for years.

Closer, back at home, those of us who receive the regular emails from the Australian Christian Lobby will know that our State Government has received more than 11,000 petitions requesting a total review of the so called Safe Schools program, and with very little response. But after one person recently complained about RI—yes, just one—they called for a total statewide review of it. Sadly, that is the environment we find ourselves in today.

Well, below is a survey that Parents & Citizens Queensland is doing. It is a survey that most people probably don’t even know about, but thankfully we now know about. Please, please, take the time to complete it. The website link is


The options given are:

  • Only Religious Education should be taught, to familiarize students with all the major world religions, but not to instruct students in a particular faith.
  • Religious Instruction should be offered outside of regular school time for those parents who want it, (e.g. during breaks, after school.)
  • Religion should not play any part in the compulsory years of a state school education
  • Keep Religious Instruction the same: conducted in school time with an “opt in” or “opt out” clause for parents

Please select ‘Keep Religious Instruction the same’. Please also pray: Lord have mercy on us.


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