Sharing the Christmas spirit

17 sleeps to go!! Christmas is a great opportunity to share real and true joy, so here are some ways to share the good news of great joy this Christmas time — 1. Send a Christmas card and include a gospel tract inside. Can be great for people you don’t see much (church has tracts that you can have, just ask me). 2. Prepare a small gift bag containing a treat, a Christmas card and a gospel tract for people you see more often. 3. In conversation ask, ‘What does Christmas mean to you?’, then if they ask you what Christmas means to you, you could say something like: ‘Like most people, I love the family, food and fun of Christmas— and for me those things are part of celebrating the day BC became AD.’ 4. Invite someone to come to church with you on Christmas day. People are more likely to say ‘yes’. Offer to pick them up, make sure you sit with them and introduce them to other people before/during/after church (don’t leave them on their own!) 5. Give people internet resources like This website has a great ‘introduction’, then links to the Two Ways to Live (TWTL) gospel tract/presentation, and to a copy of the Gospel of Luke. The TWTL site has lots of other information on questions people might have e.g. re suffering, other religions, the Bible etc. There’s heaps of good material on it! You could add as a signature in your emails. 6. Help people get printed resources. There are numerous good bookshops for this e.g.,, 7. Say ‘grace’ with guests. If/when you have people around for Christmas, before you eat just say that you’re going to say a short prayer thanking God for Christmas. Your prayer could be something like, ‘Heavenly Father, thank you for Christmas day, for this wonderful food and company. And, most of all, for sending Jesus so he could grow up to take the ‘wrap’ for our wrongs, so we might have a fresh start with you. Amen’


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September 13, 2020