Something to acknowledge?

You should know by now that I do like most sports, even though I’m getting more and more disillusioned with team sports because of how much money people get paid and how often people change teams and clubs—including coaches; and also individual sports because of how much money they too get paid, and at a very young age, and so sadly it seems to go to their heads. And when I have my say (whinge) about this, my wife usually says to me something like: And were you any different when younger? And would you have been any different if you were paid that sort of money? Touché!

Now all of this brings me to the Australian Open, and a Russian born, 21 year old tennis player now representing Australia, Daria Gavrilova. I watched bits of her fourth-round match, and although she played brilliantly in the first set, it all unravelled and her behaviour typified what sadly is becoming a well known reputation for some of our younger Australian tennis players. But in saying this, I was so impressed with what she said after the game in her post-game interview. She said, commenting on her behaviour:

“It’s not acceptable. I don’t know why I did that. I was terrible. I mean, I played good. But the behaviour, I’ve just got to learn from it….. I was a spoiled brat out there…. Emotionally fried…. Sorry about my horrible behaviour.”

The above is a far cry from what many people usually do, when they’ve lost it and behaved poorly. Many of us try to justify ourselves or put the blame on others, or simply try to ignore it. But here we have a young lady freely, and seemingly most humbly, admitting her horrible behaviour. She owned it; didn’t really try to justify it, and publicly said sorry for it!

Are you like that? As a Christian, we must be like that. Not only does such an attitude reflect how one starts life as a Christian: humbly admitting to God we have sinned, and therefore needing forgiveness, and for God to show us mercy in Christ, but it’s also an attitude we must always have as one of his followers: freely acknowledging whenever we’ve done wrong. Are you like that? Am I like that? Is there something you might need to confess to God; maybe also confess to someone else? Is there something I need to?

If we confess our sins, God is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. (1 John 1:9)

Trevor Saggers


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September 13, 2020