I remember a lecturer at college once asking if we can be certain that our birthday is right and true? We said yes. He than asked what evidence we had to back that up? We said, our birth certificate. He asked if the hospital had ever made a mistake with birth certificates? People started sharing stories they read about cases where babies were switched at birth or nurses filling out the birth certificate incorrectly and even the parents making the mistake.

He asked if we had any other evidence to suggest that our birthday was right and true? Some said, their mum told them it was and they celebrated it every year. To which the lecturer asked if there mum have ever been wrong before? The answer, yes. After a bit more discussion, we concluded that we can’t be 100% sure that our birthday is even our birthday. A simple thing like that, and we can’t even be 100% sure. So, can we be certain of anything.

There is something that is never wrong. Something that is always true and right, never making mistakes. What is it? The Bible. God’s very own words. And last week I was encouraged by reading Ephesians 1:5 which says, “he predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ …”. This really struck me. God adopted us. I heard a guy talk about how he adopted his 2 sons. He said the process took 2 years. And what stood out was the fact that they went through a process of choosing an adoption agency, the process of being deemed suitable. Fulfilling the required training, filling out endless paperwork, visiting the country of origin, filling out more paperwork. And this was a process of about a year and 10 months before they even met their first son. They did all this work for someone they had never even met, for someone they didn’t know. They welcomed him into their family fully and freely (for him the son) and they rejoiced over him.

What is remarkable is that God adopts us! While there’s no paperwork to fill out, God did work very hard to adopt us. His clearest work is on the cross, dying for our sins, experiencing God’s wrath, for our transgressions and iniquities. And he did all this work even though he knows us fully. Even though he sees our failures, sins, shortcomings, faults, rebellions, etc. How amazing to know with absolute certainty that God loves you and has adopted you in his family where you are accepted and rejoiced over. What a real and certain truth!                            Chris