Sometimes I don’t know what to do

Every three weeks I have the task of writing a minute from a minister. Every three weeks because Trevor and Cameron write one on the other weeks. And I am usually prompted by God as to what to write. However, there have been times and especially this week where I just don’t know what to do. So, I thought I would fall on your graces and share with you something I heard recently in a sermon that I found encouraging and helpful. The sermon was on Christian community. And the preacher named 4 ways in which we are united together as a Christian community. He stated that we have the same saviour, the same story, the same mission and one another.

How awesome is this! We have the same saviour. No matter how different we are, no matter what background we have, we are saved by the same Lord Jesus. And so this is where we find our identity. That means I am not an Australian first, or a pastor or husband or father first, but that I am a child of God, I am a Christian. And my saviour shapes and determines everything I do.

We also have the same story, sort of. We all have sinned, we all deserve God’s judgement, but we all have received God’s gracious gift of new life in Jesus. It might look different as to how that came about but it is the same story for us all.

Now we have the same mission. We are all working to make disciples of Jesus to the glory of God. We are a community with one assignment. This will bond us together.

And lastly we have one another. God never meant us to walk the Christian faith alone. God has graciously provided a body for us to belong to, a family to be a part of, a community of faith. This means that our community is not something we do. Church is not something we simply come to on a Sunday, but it is who we are. We belong to one another. We serve, love, encourage, rebuke, correct, teach, support, listen, uplift, carry, disciple, (and the list goes on), one another. Our commitment is to Jesus and one another above all else.

All this is who we are not what we do. May embracing these realities deepen our sense of community with one another. May we not just be surface level in our relationship and conversations. But may we love and support one another in the mess of each others lives. May we radically love, sacrificially love as disciples who bring glory to God. My brothers and sisters I hope you find this empowering to serve and be served.



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September 13, 2020