State of the Union

Every year the U.S. President gives a ‘State of the Union’ speech; Donald Trump has just given his, and he commented how the U.S.A. is a very divided nation on many issues. The same is true for Australia. Just start having a conversation with a varied group of people about whether the date for Australia Day should be changed or not and you’ll see what I mean! There are various things that any of us can do to help reduce unnecessary divisions and help bring people closer together, and we should be eager to do this. May each of us be ‘peacemakers’ in our country. Australia surely needs it! BUT! The greatest factor for unity is Christ. By his death and resurrection he has reconciled many people to God and to each other. We are brought into the same spiritual family; we become spiritual ‘brothers and sisters’. And nothing changes that. Even if: politically, culturally, socially, economically etc. we at TGS are very different, or were to become vastly different to each other on all these levels, we are still ‘one’. So we should just be who we are: one. Even if we are different to each other in a whole host of areas we can still spend time with each other and even enjoy each other’s company, because what and who brings us together makes more of a difference. So this year we can unite around our Mission, going forward in mission together, because our fellowship is with Father, Son and Spirit, and with each other. May we live this out in 2019. Empowered by the Spirit, we are to make disciples of Jesus, of all people of all ages, to the glory of God the Father. Cameron


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September 13, 2020