Stress made me do it

You may have heard the phrase, Satan made me do it“. Lately, I have heard and even been saying myself, Stress made me do it“. Heres an example. The Coronavirus has effected just about everything in our lives, including schools. Now, I am working full time (at home), and parenting/teaching my own children full time (at home) while Lesley is still going in to school to teach the students who are still attending (my wife is a school teacher).

And if you werent aware, my work load has increased due to COVID19 not decreased. Now with the added stress of the children home schooling and needing constant help, my stress levels are rising. I see my list of jobs to do, but am tied to grade 4 Maths and year 1 English. Just when I think they are set up to manage on their own, I hear Dad, Rachel has 20 coins in her purse, only one dollar and two dollar coins. In total she has $28. How many two dollar coins does she have?’” Now, not only do I get scared I cant answer a grade 4 question and begin to feel inadequate, I see more time going by and I haven’t even started my jobs. I have to admit that I lost my temper a few times. And this was just the first day. I said to Lesley, Im just so stressed. That is why I am getting angry so quickly.That night, I spent some time in prayer, asking God to help me and talking about the whole situation. I told him I was worried I would lose it again, that I wouldnt get my work done, etc.

During that time, God helped me realise that he was in control, if he wanted me to accomplish my work, he would enable me to do so, I simply need to trust him and do what was right (love my kids; COVID19 isnt their fault). But the big thing God helped me realise was that he has called me to obey him all the time. He didnt say, obey me unless you are stressed, than you can get angry and sin.No, God helped me realise that I need to model to my kids how to be godly. How to be godly when everything is fine and how to be godly when I am stressed, tired, frustrated, angry, etc. This is a great lesson to teach your kids, how to be godly when things are going wrong. I am pleased to say, I havent lost it at my kids since. God has helped me change from Stress made me do itto God helped me do it“.




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