Syn what?

From Friday night until Sunday (lunchtime, probably) Trevor, Chris, Cameron, James Sartain and Rod Cole-Clarke will be at the annual Synod of the NQ Anglican Diocese (“Synod”) in Townsville. So what is Synod and what use is it?


Synod is a semi-formal gathering of ordained and non-ordained representatives from churches throughout the Diocese to discuss and decide on certain issues that are either regarded as relevant and important to the whole Diocese, or that need a vote by representatives of the whole Diocese (i.e. the Synod). Wheh! That was a mouthful. … so in other words, it’s a bit like an annual Parliament of the NQ Anglican denomination.


Being like a Parliament it has both advantages and disadvantages inherent in that, like: it can set helpful or unhelpful rules and direction for the whole Diocese; there are some rule changes or new rules which only Synod can enact; some people can enjoy the sound of their own voice too much … but it is the only time during the year that many Ministers will see one another (as the Diocese covers from Sarina in the south to the Torres Strait in the north and out to the N.T. border!) and it can be a valuable encouragement time.

Please pray that this year’s Synod is a helpful and encouraging gathering. Pray also for Bishop Bill as he chairs the meetings (and recover afterwards!).

From Monday — Thursday morning Trevor and Cameron will continue in Townsville for annual Clergy Conference. Please pray that there is much good input from the guest speaker and Bishop Bill, that relationships in the gospel are deepened, and real issues can be addressed as truth is spoken in love.

So while Synod and Clergy Conference only directly affect few people here at TGS, they can indirectly affect us all, so we will happily talk to you about how they went and what difference they will make for us.

Cameron Wills


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September 13, 2020