TGS – Life after COVID

It is amazing to watch how God equips us with all that we need to continue let me explain. If you had approached me 10 years ago and said you were going to be a warden in the Anglican church I probably would have laughed. If you had approached me two years ago and said I would be treasurer I defiantly would have laughed. But, (Trevor’s Favourite Word) God had different plans for me.

Friends, COVID has dramatically changed how we live life and how our church life operates it is very, very different to anything I personally had ever imagined, and I am sure a lot of you would agree with me. COVID has affected each of us differently: some have lost jobs, some have lost business income, some have had plans and wedding plans change daily, some have had COVID birthday celebrations, some have had or will have no dancing at their formal, and sadly some have lost their lives. The list goes on of the many varied changes we now face. Masks in Victoria, social distancing and the really awkward elbow shake thingy (reminds me of the chicken dance from the 80’s).

COVID has shown us both the very best of humans and sadly also the very worst of humans. It has also shown us that no matter how hard we try, we are not in control God is. For me personally, I thought I had handed over to God all of my life … and I had (except for some bits that I wanted to retain control over). COVID has shown me that I had not been completely and 100% committed to the Lord. I honestly thought I had and I honestly thought I was but until COVID I had no idea that I was hanging onto this piece and that was my employment. I had my retirement plans for Leeanne and I, we had our goals and we were on track for this (according to our plans). Not until COVID did I realise that I was working on my plan, not God’s plan. I should have picked up on this much earlier as I said in the opening the Lord has led me down paths that I never thought I would go but he will do me (and Leeanne) no harm.

Friends throughout COVID I have done my Bible reading plans on the Bible app, and a lot of these are ones I save for later you know when your at the airport and your plane is delayed (remember those days), and you have some time to wait so I usually would look through plans on the app and save the ones I thought I would enjoy. The main message that I have gotten from the last 10 plans I have completed since March this year has been faith.

1 Peter 5:7 was today’s verse, and this was what prompted me to write about for you all to be encouraged in these difficult and different times.

As a Warden and Treasurer, I have faced increasing requests to reopen the church building and allow things to happen. Friends, this is being carefully considered by the Leadership team here. We are looking at ways for each of us to stay connected during COVID. Please join in with a home church, a home group, men’s ministry, women’s ministry, 127 prayer there are lots of ways to connect in this new world.

Friends, the only sure and true thing in our lives is God’s love for us and his wanting for us to love Him —no matter what you are facing, no matter how grim things may look: Focus on God’s love for us and together with Him you will get through it.

Rod ColeClarke



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September 13, 2020