TGS Youth Group Camp

Two weeks ago the TGS youth went to Tinaroo for their annual camp. Amongst the tubing, table tennis, food, games, and sleep we spend a lot of time in God’s word. The theme of the weekend was “the Kingdom of God”. There were 3 talks and 3 small groups sessions looking at what the Kingdom of God is, what it will be like, who is the king and many more things.

By looking at the God of Kingdom of God we were all reassured that despite what is happening in this uncertain and at times scary world we all have a glorious king with a glorious future to look forward too. And we know this because Jesus came to earth to show what the kingdom will be like when it fully comes. It will be a place with no evil as Jesus cast out the demons. It will be a place without sickness as Jesus healed all the sick who came to him. It will be a place where we can enjoy our real and personal relationship. And it will be a place without death as Jesus not only has power over death but has taken away what causes death in our life: sin.

The weekend has encouraged and grown our youth in their faith and has helped others come closer to accepting God in their life. We praise God for how he is so gracious in redeeming these young people for himself. We thank God for you, your prayers and your support of our youth and the wonderful ministry we have to them. May God continue to grow us all in Jesus.

Chris Forder


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September 13, 2020