Thank You!

On behalf of my family I want to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to the many, many of you who are caring for & loving Renee, myself & our children —

  • Thank you for your prayers
  • Thank you for the food (so much, so varied, so enjoyable, and so helpful)
  • Thank you for the time you have spent with our children
  • Thank you for asking about Renee and us, for your phone calls, texts, emails etc. It’s lovely to hear the care in your voices and messages
  • Thank you for the ironing (Yes, I know, my clothes are BIG!).
  • Thank you to God that he is sustaining us each day.
  • Thank you to God that I and we now know a bit more (by experience) what some of you have gone through / are going through. Sharing in an adversity draws the sufferers together in a particular way.
  • Thank you to our medical wonderful medical system. We have care most in the world can only dream about, and we don’t have to take out a loan to get it. But waiting is still hard! And, yes, the system is far from perfect …

This certainly is an opportunity for showing patience, trust and grace when at times they are the last things I feel like doing. I am also more conscious that here is not my/our home. And we definitely do live outside The Garden of Eden.

So I am even more thankful to God for Jesus — he knows what it’s like to have loved ones sick; he cares for Renee, me and the children; he is praying for us; he died so that we are forgiven and eternally secure. And that is worth saying a big THANK YOU for!

Cameron (& Renee)


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September 13, 2020