Thanking all our volunteers

Every Sunday and throughout the week, I am reminded how important our volunteers at TGS are. Before 7am, volunteers for music, the sound and projector desk, morning tea, the Lord’s Supper preparation and welcoming are setting up for our traditional service.

As the morning progresses, volunteers for children’s church at our 9:30am service arrive to set up and pray for our kids for that morning. Shortly after, the 9:30am music team is there too. We have volunteers bring morning tea and set up to cater for kids and adults after the service. They then clean up, pack up and have things ready for the next service.

Volunteers lead our church services, hand out communion, operate the sound desk, read the Bible, pray, lead music and stand ready at the welcome table every week.

And this all happens again for our 5pm service.

This doesn’t even come close to covering all the work our volunteers do here at our church. Our finances are managed by volunteers from counting the collection each week to the treasurer. Our home groups are mostly volunteer led. Our youth ministry on a Friday night and the Mainly Music program is mostly volunteer led. The list goes on. There is so much!

I am so thankful! To see the body giving their time and talents to serve their friends, families and strangers for the glory of God is amazing. Thank you my TGS family for all you do.




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September 13, 2020