The best buffer

You might remember that earlier in the year, in a Minute from a Minister, I wrote about how we had sprung three bad water leaks in our home, and all around the same time. Things do seem to come in threes! I think I then went on to talk about the significance of various numbers in the Bible, including threes. Well, we’ve now fixed our water main leak and we’ve now fixed our sewerage leak, and just last week, after having an empty swimming pool for a while, we fixed the leak in it too. Yippee! Thank you Lord for our solar electricity rebate – it certainly came in handy.

Well, after filling the pool up and chucking a heap of salt in it, we took a sample of the water to our local pool shop to see what other chemicals we might need. And the main one was pH buffer, or sodium bicarbonate: 8kg of the stuff. And what does this stuff do, besides being useful for cooking? pH buffer prevents rapid changes in pH levels by increasing the stability of the water. The pH level in one’s pool is highly susceptible to change due to factors such as rainfall or heavy pool usage, and so one needs the right amount of pH buffer so that one’s pH doesn’t go up or down so easily.

Now this got me thinking about us as Christians and how we are to be stable people, who do not rapidly change when other influences come our way, or lose it at the drop of a hat, or freak out when things don’t go our way. And so I thought to myself, as I put the pH buffer into our pool, as to how we can ensure that we always have enough buffer in our lives to keep us stable, content with what we’ve got, and calm and peaceful even when our circumstances are not. How can we ensure this? Well our pH buffer so to speak is the Bible. It is God’s word. The more we soak ourselves in it, the more we spend some quiet time each day hearing what God says, the less susceptible we will be to the many external influences that come our way.

The best pH buffer for a pool might be sodium bicarbonate. But the best buffer for Christians is surely the Bible. So soak yourself in it, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, you will remain most stable and steadfast, rather than tossed around and jolted up and down when it rains in our life.



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