The changing face of Australia

Sue and I are back! Yippee. Basically, we’ve been on annual leave for four weeks, and spent three weeks camping and one week glamping in our trip to Broome and back (9,000km). We have done this a few times before, so at one level it was not that different to what we’ve done in the past, but something certainly stood out for us and I’d like to share it with you. And what is it? It is the changing face of Australia. Well, I reckon it is changing. I think the first time we drove to Broome and back was in 2008. In this trip I was amazed at how open campers were to the gospel. It was great stuff. It wouldn’t take much, in a chat with someone, for them to ask me as to why I went from an electrician to a pastor, or as to why I moved from the Shire – like, why would anyone ever do that! And so I found myself being able to very easily share the good news about Jesus with people. If anything, I should have been more prepared, and taken some helpful leaflets along with me too. But four trips later (over the last eleven years) – I think we’ve done four to Broome and back – it has all changed dramatically. And it has changed so much, that I, at the moment, feel very inadequate to share the gospel. And what do I mean by that? In a nutshell, I found people not the slightest bit interested about God or Jesus – not the slightest. And so, I didn’t know what to do. If you mentioned God, Jesus, the Lord, or anything like that in a conversation, the conversation was over. It seemed that what most people were interested in was themselves, their new car or their new van – tents seem to be a thing of the past for wealthy Aussies today, but so too, sadly: God. But what I did find was that some people from overseas, who were holidaying in Australia, were a little interested. We even gave a lady from Switzerland a Gideon’s Bible and spoke to her – just a little bit – about the Lord. Yes, in my opinion, the face of Australia seems to be changing dramatically. May what I’ve written here, not cause us to stop sharing Jesus – we all need him. If anything, may it cause us to be even more prayerful, as Australia, in my opinion, is changing very, very quickly.


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