The difference an ‘a’ makes

You probably hadn’t noticed, but lately there has been a small but significant change in the ‘Minute’—it’s now A Minute from a Minister, not ‘the Minister’. For, while those who are Bible-teaching Pastors in churches are often called ‘Ministers’, or sometimes ‘the Minister’, it’s often better to call us a minister, because …

In our English Bibles the word ‘minister’ usually comes from one of two Greek words which mean ‘servant’ or ‘slave’. However, the Bible tells us that all Christians are servants—servants of God and servants of each other (John 12:26; 1 Pet. 4:10). So here at TGS we don’t just have three ministers, there are hundreds of ministers! I know this may be a change to how we usually think and speak, but it is the Biblical way for us to think and speak.

Here at TGS it is obvious that many people do in fact think this way—because the large number of people actively serving across a range of ministries proves it! If you’re not sure about that, just have a look at the Leadership Structure and Ministry Leaders lists in your new TGS Directory. There are also many other ways and areas that numerous people serve in. This is all terrific, and we should praise and thank God for it.

So on behalf of the TGS leadership—thank you very much. However, if you aren’t yet serving in particular ways in your church here, then I encourage and urge you to join the many willing servants. Why not, this week, ask someone how you might be able to serve Christ and others here?

So at TGS, Trevor, Chris and Cameron aren’t ‘the ministers’—we all are. Yes, they are (or Cameron probably will be soon) Ministers in the sense of being ordained by the Anglican denomination, but that doesn’t make us ‘better’— we are also servants of Christ & others—because that’s the difference an ‘a’ makes.

“Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honour one another above yourselves. … serving the Lord.”  (Romans 12:10-11)



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September 13, 2020