The difference ten minutes make

Ten minutes can make a big difference. When I was an apprentice electrician – yes, I know, that’s a long time ago now! – I was required to start work at 7am. And back then you would have to bundy-on and bundy-off. What that meant for those a lot younger than I am, was that you had your own personal card or timesheet which was kept near your work’s time clock and you popped it into the slot in the time clock to record the time you arrived at work and also the time you knocked off. And the terms ‘bundy-on’ and ‘bundy-off’ came from the surname of the original inventor (jeweller) of such a time clock: Bundy.

From personal experience I soon discovered that you could get away with bundying on at 7.03 and sometimes even up to 7.07, before you got docked and got into trouble. But bundy-on at 7.10 and you were certainly docked and had a ‘please explain’ come quickly your way. Yes, a few minutes and grace was usually granted, but ten minutes late and it was certainly noticed!

I want to put before us all that arriving at church on Sunday ten minutes before church starts, rather than ten minutes after church has started, makes a big difference; and the growing trend to arrive 10 minutes after church has started, is very noticeable.

I wrote two weeks’ back in our ‘Minute from a Minister’, about a one growing concern I have had for a while. If you missed what I said, please grab a past copy of that ‘Minute from a Minister’ – they’re in the foyer – and have a read of it.

My second growing concern is what I’m talking about here. I know parking around church can be a little difficult, but it only takes one Sunday to realise that and allow an extra few minutes next time. And besides having service leaders regularly say to me, “Are you sure you want me to start; there’s hardly anyone here?”, it is a little unwelcoming for new people – who just about always turn up 10-15 minutes before church starts – to find hardly anyone around. It is also a missed opportunity to talk to them, let alone catch up with others. So please my brothers and sisters, lets make the effort to arrive ten minutes before church starts – it certainly will make a difference.    

P.S. I suppose we could change the service times to 7.10am and 9.40am and 6.10pm, but…… I think you know what would happen

Trev Saggers


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