The end has come! The beginning is almost here

Where has the year gone?! At midnight on Tuesday, 2019 is finished! Reflecting on a year that has been can always be a good thing, so here are some reflections on the year that has been —

1. Great sadness for me and the children. But, I think they are doing well, and  I have many good times (& not good). You might also have had great sadness this year. We can be honest with God about how we are going. He’s not only our heavenly Father when we’re ‘up’; he will listen to us at all times and loves us.

2. Joy. Although it might seem strange to say this following on from Number One, it is true that I have had joy numerous times this year. I hope that even if 2019 has been a very difficult year for you that you have had joy, including joy in our Lord Jesus. Or, if not, that in 2020 you will discover greater joy in our Lord.

3. Closer to family. I think that, because of what’s happened, I am closer now to my children and brother (in particular). This is very nice. I hope that in 2019 you drew closer to at least some of your biological family. Or, if not, I pray that your love for one another will grow next year.

4. I didn’t know what 2019 would bring. We are tempted to think we know just what will happen next decade/year/month/week/day. This is false; we don’t know what will happen. This can be a scary thought. But God does control things so we can breathe a sigh of relief! My and your lack of control over so many things in life should also cause us to be humble.

5. I’m not as godly as I sometimes like to think. I can be going ‘fine’, but the trials, stress and hardships of 2019 had a way of sometimes bringing out things in me like impatience, inappropriate anger, fear and anxiety. Yes, my 2019 has been ‘extreme’ in some ways, but how much does it take for you to lose your patience or snap at someone? Sometimes it doesn’t take much for me to do that! It’s good for us to have a ‘real’ understanding of ourselves.

6. Hope. I hope 2020 is a better year for me and the children (& you). Whatever happens, we have real and solid hope because Jesus’ death and resurrection guarantees it. So I hope you walk into 2020 with hope, too.


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September 13, 2020