The one story of the Bible and who it’s about

Have you ever heard people talk about Biblical Theology? I remember thinking, I dont need all that technical stuff, I just need to know the gospel. And to be sure, thats true. But the whole Bible is the gospel. The whole Bible is all about Jesus and Gods plan to save us through him. Thats Biblical Theology

Like what do the stories in the Old Testament have to do with Jesus? Or us today? Stories like David and Goliath? Daniel and the lionsden? Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden? Are they all just about faith and trust in God?

No, there is so much more than that. What God is showing us, is that all of the Bible is about Jesus and his plan to rescue and restore through him.

Take the David and Goliath story. The Israelites are facing an enemy (Goliath) they cant beat. They are powerless in their own strength to fight and beat him. They live in fear and their imminent slavery and or death looms over them. So, what does God do? He sends a very unlikely saviour from outside the situation to rescue his people, a small shepherd boy. Laughable to think that this boy can beat such a huge enemy and save them. Even more laughable that he can save them with only a sling shot. And yet David goes out showing the power of God and wins victory for Gods people. Notice the Israelites didnt do anything in order to save themselves. David did it all.

This is what Biblical Theology calls a mini gospel. Why? Because we all have an enemy we cant beat, death, sin and Satan. We can be gripped by fear with the knowledge of death and hell. So, what does God do? He sends an unlikely saviour, his own Son. Jesus comes from outside the situation to rescue. Many at the time thought it was laughable and blasphemy that God would become a human. But even more laughable was the way God saves, through death on a cross! And yet through faith in Jesus, all Gods people are rescued from death and hell and therefore free from the fear of death and hell. And what do we do in all this? Nothing, God does it all. Biblical Theology links it all.

Friends, studying Gods word is great. You will never go wrong or waste your time. There are 3 things I want to bring before you. 1. Home Groups TGS has many homes groups that meet during the week to study Gods word together. If you are not in one, get in one. 2. Gospel and Kingdom, a book by Graeme Goldsworthy. This is a short, great book on Biblical Theology. Read it. 3. PTC, Patrick Williams is running a PTC course to help people studying Gods word deeper. Courses like this are brilliant: one because you dont do them alone, but two because you grow in knowledge and wisdom, Ephesian 1.



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