‘The Quiet Achiever’(s)

Years ago the company BP ran commercials with the line “… BP, the quiet achiever” (which was ironic as they were telling you about their achievements on national TV!). Here at TGS there are many ‘quiet achievers’: people who serve Christ and us but who don’t advertise their service or do it for praise from us. This is wonderful! So on behalf of the leadership I say ‘thank you’ to you all.


Every Sunday I am amazed at the number of people who serve in specific ways here. There are many who are more easily noticed: service leaders, preachers, musicians, Bible readers, those who pray, data projection and sound people, welcomers — both on the door and the welcoming table, prayer support, morning tea and more. That is a lot of people giving their ‘time, talents and treasures’. However, even for numerous of these roles there is work that’s done which many others don’t see or realise happens.


On Sundays there are also many that we don’t often notice going about their service, like the numerous children and youth leaders while they are teaching. In addition there are numerous people who serve outside of Sunday but whose ministry directly relates to Sundays and who serve mostly unnoticed. Sometimes we don’t even think about that someone does these things, like folding the Bulletin and counting the Collections.


Of course being a church is about much more than only one day of the week (Sunday), and there are many who serve in ministries that occur outside Sunday e.g. Women’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Home Groups, Youth Group … and so many more (which there just isn’t space to list here)! You can look in your TGS Directory to find a much longer list.


So if you are serving — be encouraged, because your service is valuable and valued. If you are served by others (which is all of us) then give thanks to God and those serving for their ministry. Let us continue to live out verses like Romans 12:10:

Be devoted to one another in brotherly [& sisterly] love.

Honour one another above yourselves …. serving the Lord.”

Cameron Wills


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September 13, 2020