The wonderful age of apps

The wonderful age of apps

Gone are the days when a phone was just a phone. When making a phone call meant remembering someone’s number. Now, our phones do it all for us. And in this new age of mobile phones have come apps or applications. An app is a program for your phone or ipod/ipad device. It can be a game, social media, about education, health, business, food, and the list goes on. I have around 90 apps on my mobile phone at the moment.

While this new age of phones and their apps have a negative impact on society, there are also some really good apps to help us in our Christian walk. I want to share just a few, knowing that there are hundreds of great Christian apps.

The Bible app The best app to have is one of the Bible apps, because it is more than a Bible. With many of them you get commentaries, Bible reading plans, devotions, videos, Bible verses of the day and more.

– Read Scripture app This app was created by the Bible Project. It is the Bible but with a video for every book of the Bible and many themes that run throughout the Bible. It is presented really well and is one of my favourites. I highly recommend it.

– KCC app KCC stands for Katoomba Christian Convention. TGS in the past has gone to their women’s and men’s conventions. Well, the talks from all the conventions for the past year or more are all accessible from this little app. Lesley and I love to sit and listen to some of the conventions we miss. This is an excellent app.

2 ways to live app You might have heard of the ‘2 ways to live’ tract, you may have even done it. Well, this is the tract in an app. If you are sharing the gospel with someone and can’t remember the 6 squares, then just look at the app. Better yet, they can even download it themselves and look at it too.

Explore app Finally, although I could go on forever, the ‘explore’ app is full of brilliant devotional material. I have used lots for my quiet times over the years. It could even be used in a Home Group.

Most of these app will need the internet. Some apps are free and some cost money. I am sure you have your favourite apps but if you don’t, this will help get you started.

Happy apping.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Chris



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