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Well, Trevor spoke on this topic last week, but because it is so big, so important and so relevant I want us to keep talking about it. It is the topic of ‘same-sex marriage’. This topic is sensitive for many people both inside and outside the church. And it seems both sides feel discriminated against. If you support same-sex marriage then you feel Christians discriminate against you because they oppose it. However, if you are a Christian and oppose same-sex marriage then you are called a ‘bigot’ and many other names for it. This is sad. I want us to be a welcoming church to all people, being sensitive to where people are when they are searching or when they first come to church. Many of us had wrong lifestyles, attitudes and actions when we first came to church and it took God’s people walking with us in grace and truth to help us grow out of them.

With that in mind I don’t want us to stop believing and living out God’s good and perfect word either, so here are some helpful things to consider on the topic:

  • God has spoken in both the Old and New Testament about same-sex relationships. God is clear that they are sinful and not a part of his design (Romans 1:26-27). Therefore as Christian we should not support same-sex marriage.
  • It is not just a personal decision. Many have said that it is just a personal decision and it doesn’t hurt anyone. But they said that about cigarettes, abortion and divorce too. Studies have shown that all of these “personal decisions” that “wouldn’t hurt anyone” have hurt our whole society in a negative way. Same-sex marriage will impact our society in a negative way, too.
  • By changing the law and legalizing same-sex marriage to a union between two people who love each other, it opens the door for other sinful relationships. In fact, in some countries where it has been legalized there are now court cases where people want to marry siblings and others who wish to marry more than one person. Their argument is, “I love this person. The law says I can marry who I love, doesn’t it?”

Friends, this is a huge issue, and we need to tread carefully in order to win the debate and the people. We also need to tread carefully so that we bring glory to God by standing firm on his word. I am sure we will hear more on this topic as we walk in faith together.

Chris Forder


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