There is something seriously wrong

I am sure you have all heard of the shooting in Munich last week. An 18 year old boy killed 9 people. It was reported that he had been planning this attack for a year. When I heard this I thought, “it is so clear that there is something wrong with the world.”

I emailed a friend of mine from Munich this week to see if they were effected by this shooting. I am happy to say that they were unharmed. However, while they were ok, they did say that their city was different for days. She explained, no-one was catching the train, the shops were empty and there was this strange atmosphere throughout the city. “I guess people are just afraid and staying inside” she said. Again, it is clear when things like this happen that there is something seriously wrong with the world, and it desperately needs someone to fix it.

Praise be to God for sending his one and only Son into the world to save it. Praise be to Jesus for giving us new and eternal life for all who believe in him. What wonderful news that we have of a certain hope of a future free from wrongs like this or any other. A future that is marked by perfection and joy and love and peace.

Friends, our world has something wrong with it, our world is hurting and people are becoming more afraid. But we are in an awesome position to help. We are able to hold out the hope of a better future, a perfect future in Jesus. We have the words of new and eternal life. Jesus came to bring life and life to full. Life free from disease, evil, corruption, abuse, even death. That life is still on offer through the cross.

In the face of this broken world let us rejoice in our future and share the words of eternal life with others that they may rejoice in God’s future too.

Chris Forder


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September 13, 2020