Trust and Obey and Millie

When I was in Bunnings at Smithfield the other day, I learnt a very important thing from the Lord. Has the Lord ever spoken to you at Bunnings? Well he did for me! Some time ago now, Sue and I got talking to one of the staff at Bunnings, and in the conversation it was mentioned how you are allowed to bring your dog into Bunnings, if it is on a lead, or held in your hands – and ours is very much the latter!

So on this particular day last week, we had Millie, our dog, with us (in our hands), as I went about getting some timber and some other bits and pieces. When it came to paying for our stuff, there was a considerable delay, and we found ourselves with a group of other people, waiting and waiting, as the person in front of us was hiring some equipment, and for some reason it took ages. It was during this time, that we put Millie down on the concrete floor as it was hard to hold everything in our hands and hold her too, at the same time. I just told her to ‘sit and stay—don’t move’, and she did. After a while, the people waiting in the line behind us, commented on how cute she is and also how obedient, and how she just looks at us for the next instruction. And that was when God spoke to me!

You see, Millie is totally blind – has been for some years now – and so she hangs on to our every word: such as ‘up’ when there’s a step up or ‘down’ when there is a step down, or ‘wait’ when we need to lift her up to help her, or ‘careful’ when she needs to change direction slightly or have a head-on! Yes, she totally trusts our every word. She really is so, so obedient, that I can pretty much do anything to her, and she’ll trust me—even though her body is shaking nervously.

But I wonder if she would be like that, if she wasn’t blind, and hadn’t learned to trust our every word? I also wonder how much we need certain ‘thorns in our flesh’ (2 Corinthians 12) to keep us trusting and obeying every word from our Lord, or otherwise we might become conceited and independent. Hmmm. Thank you Lord for speaking to me, through Millie, at Bunnings.

Trev Saggers


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September 13, 2020