Turn off!

As most of you know by now, last month a group of us from TGS, nine in total, went to the Oxygen Conference in Sydney. It went for four days: Monday to Thursday, and for Sue and me, because we stayed overnight at my mum’s place (in the Shire of course), it meant that we needed to commute in and out each day, as it was held in the centre of Sydney in Redfern at the Australian Technology Park.

What amazed me on our trips into the city each morning and evening wasn’t just how packed the trains were, no matter what time of day, but how busy people were, whilst in the trains. I basically said to Sue: Have a look at everyone. Just about everyone has a set of headphones, listening to something, as well as madly typing away on their iPhone, iPad, iMac or android equivalent. Doesn’t anyone ever just stop, relax and turn off for a second! Yes, I couldn’t believe how many people, during the 30 minute train trip in and out of the city, never stopped.

The young lady next to me, for example – and this was 7am in the morning – had a set of headphones on and was busily typing away on her laptop with USB Network stick in it, for the whole thirty minute journey. She also had her iPhone handy, as every couple of minutes she needed to pause from typing and reply to the various messages that kept ’binging’ her way. And more than that, at a particular point in the journey, she then got out her iPad and updated her status and comments on her various social media sites.

All of this really made me think about the importance of slowing down and turning off. It also made me think about how disciplined one needs to be to even have a chance of doing so, in our IT adrenaline society. And it made me think about Psalm 46 and in particular verse 10: Be still and know that I am God.

Friends, it is so important that we are disciplined and therefore slow down, relax, and know that the Lord is God. I put it to you and I put it to me that the busier we become – the more we cram into our life –  the harder it can be to know God as we should. It’s no wonder Jesus regularly got away from everything and went to a solitary place to spend time with his Father. He knew above all, who he needed to know, to be able to deal with the pace of his life. Yes, be still and know that the Lord is God. Or my paraphrase: Turn off and know that the Lord is God.

P.S. See you in four weeks’ time – please pray that Sue and I are disciplined and therefore use this time to turn off and know that the Lord is God.

Trev Saggers


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September 13, 2020