Was the sacrifice worth it, NASA?

Last Tuesday Renee and I saw the movie First Man, about the Americans putting the ‘first man’ on the moon: Neil Armstrong. It’s a good movie in many ways.

One of the ‘messages’ of the movie that stands out the most is the great sacrifice that was made to achieve this ‘first’: not just the money and time it took, but more importantly the number of astronauts who died before America achieved their goal. As the number of deaths increased so did the calls that the price was too high and that the mission to the moon should be abandoned.

As we all know, the price was paid and the goal was reached. I doubt there were many mockers after Neil Armstrong took that ‘one small step …’). Nothing develops admiration and respect like success.

Today we’re looking at John 3:16, and the sacrifice God made dwarfs that made by NASA and the U.S.A to get to the moon, for the 2nd person of the Trinity, the eternal, perfect, sinless Son of God was given and gladly went … to rejection, torture and death.

Even after his resurrection very few initially respected and admired him. Neil Armstrong took ‘one small step’ and was feted; the Son of God (the one who created the moon) achieved something which no other human ever could do … and most people couldn’t care less.

There have been numerous improvements in life come from the space program … but only Jesus being given over to death for us leads to eternal life.

So, while most people would say ’yes’, the sacrifice NASA made was worth it, the sacrifice Jesus made was infinitely MORE important!

(I would not recommend the movie to children, though. Apart from a small amount of swearing, parts of the movie are very intense or confronting or sad)




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September 13, 2020