We need to be very intentional

Friends, I was reading an article this week all about the very small number of young adults today in the west who are following the Lord. The article said that less than 1% of young adults have a Biblical worldview. Maybe you are a young adult and resonate with this—you feel quite alone! The article was trying to suggest a helpful way forward to combat this. In this article it basically said: Is it any wonder that this is the case when one considers what most children are bombarded with in their developing years? It reported that young children usually spend about 30 hours a week on average at school and how most schools in the west are now pushing a very anti view of God (e.g. the loving acceptance of evolution and homosexuality). It also said that on average most children then come home and spend 30 hours per week in front of a television set bombarded by commercials and sitcoms, playing video games, or connecting on social media—and much of this also promotes an anti view of God or at least alienates one from accepting God, let alone be part of his church. It also went on to say that many of those who do go to church, prefer to just have a fun time by playing games and having a pizza—and that is exactly what some churches are now serving up to their young people. And that even those who are taught the right things at their church are only there for about one hour a week, if one comes weekly. Friends, as I read this article, I kept thinking: Oh, how sadly true it is. So, what can we do about it? Well, besides pray, which is so important as ultimately nothing right can happen unless one seeks his help (Psalm 127), we need to be much more intentional. I suppose one could argue that many years ago one didn’t need to be that intentional as the western world was based on Christian values—but that certainly isn’t the case anymore—quite the opposite actually. Yes, we need to be very intentional. And that means, not only perhaps reconsidering the school and church that one’s child attends, but it also means the importance of godly parenting of one’s child or children. And that means taking an active interest also in what they do when the come home from school. Yes, we all need to be very intentional. Going with the flow—in the west—is disastrous.                                                       Trev


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September 13, 2020