While some knew that COVID would go this long, many others weren’t sure. Some of us may have thought lots of things would have been back to normal by now, but instead, COVID is still going. So, if that’s the case, what are the ministers doing when there are no Sunday services and regular ministries happening? Well, I can only speak for myself. There is slight variation from week to week, but generally:

  • Mondays start with a staff meeting. I usually spend the afternoon working on my sermon for that week. When I am not preaching I will use that time to plan and prepare for other ministries. For most of COVID I have been pastorally meeting with people on Monday and Wednesday nights for 2 hours each week.
  • Tuesday is my day off and I try to protect that as much as I can.
  • Wednesday starts at 6:30am with an elders meeting. I work in between that meeting and the next on administration, then at 9:30am I meet with Trevor, Cameron and the office ladies to pray and discuss church matters. I have more administration after that as well as preparing for and attending the Christian lunchtime group at Cairns High (We haven’t started back yet however, I have been liaising with the school and doing lots of training to start back. There have been a few hiccups starting back this term. I should God willing be resuming week 1 of term 4.) In the afternoon I try work really hard to finalise my sermon as it needs to be preached on Thursday and certain people need the sermon transcript by early Thursday morning (this means late Wednesday nights). I run some training for the youth leaders once a month on a Wednesday night.
  • Thursday morning starts with praying for Sunday night church and the youth group. I have a list of names and work through it as well as praying for others things related to each ministry. I spend time making pastoral calls, following people up for various reasons and SNC email. I have the sermon recording between 2-3 and spend the afternoon with Anna.
  • Friday I disciple people, at the moment it is a new Christian. We meet to read the Bible and pray. I spend time working on teaching resources that I use regularly with youth and in discipleship meeting. I spend time in the afternoon with Lachlan and run the Youth Group which has been meeting on the Esplanade from 4:30-6pm. Once a month the leaders hang out together afterwards for dinner and a movie.
  • Saturday is a family day with some Amelia time and Sunday is filled with Home Church and catching up with people and kids church and if there is a social, that too. I have run out of room to say more, but hopefully that gives you a picture.