I guess many of you are thinking that Trev must certainly like the State of Origin NRL results as he goes for NSW and they won the series and even scored 76 points to 6. But, strangely, that isn’t why I liked the series.

I liked the series because of an image – perhaps you saw it – of two Christians players praying together. Their names are Brian To’o and Jerome Luai. Here is a picture of them:

Yes, what I really liked was that after the second game and all the NSW players were posing for a victory photo, these two guys were missing – not in the victory photo – and they were together praying to our Lord. Yes, that is what I loved!

They seemingly gave up the glory of a victory photo to make sure that their Lord was honoured first. They even had the words JESUS and FAITH on their forearm strapping.

It also made me think about our mission statement, which is no different to what the Bible says that all Christians should be on about: Empowered by the Spirit, we are to make disciples of Jesus, of all people of all ages, to the glory of God the Father. And I am thinking about the last bit, that is, to bring glory to God – not ourselves. I am sure they struggle with their flesh like we all do, but they showed everyone – well, they certainly showed me – that all glory goes to him. I hope they would have done the same thing if they were defeated.

I suppose this poses a question for us all: when we have every reason to celebrate, do we stop and give him the thanks or do we take the limelight? Over the years I have heard a lot of sportsmen and women give God the glory in their victory speeches. May we always give him the glory in our victories and also defeats, that is, at all times.