What is GAFCON

As it is my turn this week to write a MFM, I thought I had better explain my whereabouts over the next few weeks. Firstly, next Sunday, we, that is, Chris, Cam and I, as well as our Synod Representatives, James Sartain and Richard Unwin, won’t be at TGS, as, God willing, we will be in Townsville at Synod (the annual meeting of Anglican leaders in this diocese). Secondly, the Sundays after this, 17th and 24th June, God willing, I will be in Jerusalem, Israel, at GAFCON. Therefore, many of you won’t see me, for three weeks.

And what is GAFCON? I will do my best to explain it, in this limited space (but with the aid of reducing the font size too). The Anglican Church, worldwide, in the west, sadly has been – like most denominations of the Christian Church – infiltrated by worldly teachings, and especially in the area of sexuality. And, so, as the world has changed, some churches have also changed with it, and in doing so, are no longer teaching God’s holy truths, let alone proclaiming the gospel. After repeated attempts by many people and groups of people, to call such Anglican churches (whole dioceses and provinces) back to the truth, they have refused.

This has resulted in many Christians being alienated from the church families they were once part of; it has also resulted in whole churches asking – in our case asking – other Anglican dioceses and provinces for help. And hence why GAFCON was formed. It is a movement of Anglican church leaders throughout the world who are standing firm in God’s truths and the gospel of Jesus Christ, and also helping our brothers and sisters in Christ, who have been adversely affected by what’s going on.

This movement (GAFCON: Global Anglican Future Conference) began in 2008 with a meeting of approximately 1000 Anglican leaders. Five years later, a further meeting was held in Nairobi, Kenya, and approximately 1400 leaders attended it. Today, the majority of Anglicans worldwide are now aligned with GAFCON.

I was asked five years ago to represent Queensland in this movement to preserve God’s truths in the Anglican Church. I accepted this invitation and attended GAFCON in Nairobi in 2013. And, through the financial support of many here at TGS, I am attending GAFCON in Jerusalem in two weeks’ time. It is expected to have 1900 leaders attend it, from all around the world.

Please pray for me. I really don’t like long trips on planes – who does. Please also pray for the Anglican Church in New Zealand. They are certainly under heavy attack by those wanting to bring worldly teaching into their churches. And please pray that this conference helps us all to be on our guard; to stand firm in the faith, to be courageous; and to be strong (1 Corinthians 16:13): people’s salvation, both those who proclaim it and those who hear it, depend on it (1 Timothy 4;16).




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September 13, 2020