What should I give/get for Christmas?

If you’re like me you’ve wondered many times, ‘What can I get them for Christmas?’ Or, if people have asked you what you would like you’ve not know what to say. So, here are a few suggestions so that hopefully you’re not shopping late on Christmas Eve buying items that won’t really be wanted (or receiving them yourself if you don’t need them) —

  • Could they benefit from a Bible? I.e. do they have a Bible of their own in a modern translation that hasn’t fallen apart? Because, remember what Spurgeon’s said, that the way to have a life that’s not falling apart is to have a Bible that is! And do each of their children have their own Bible, or a Bible mum/dad/grandparents can read to them?
  • What help do they have for reading the Bible? It can be hard to consistently read the Bible and regularly get lots out of it if you ‘only’ read the Scriptures, especially if you randomly select what you read each day. There are many helps available: easily downloadable plans for how to read the New Testament in a year, of the N.T. plus Psalms or the whole Bible.
  • There are many Bible reading notes available. I use Explore from the Good Book Company, but they also have notes for all different ages and families. Renee and I have also previously used For the love of God, Volumes 1&2, by Don Carson (‘Is Don is good’). If you use notes, whatever they are, it’s best to pick ones that systematically work their way through books of the Bible, ‘digging into’ God’s Word.
  • A good Christian book or two can be a marvellous gift. I’m currently benefitting from Enjoying God by Tim Chester and The life of Moses: God’s first deliverer of Israel by James Montgomery Boice.
  • A diary or journal or calendar can also be a great gift. If it’s ’low key’, ones with Christian messages/verses might also be a helpful gift for a non-churched family member or friend.
  • LifeStore might be able to help you give/receive these things.
  • So, happy giving and receiving everyone!



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