I don’t know if you have this problem, but I am always annoyed when things break. Take for example the washing machine Lesley and I had when we were first married. It was a 20 something year old hand me down that did the job for many years. Sadly, it died and we got a new one. This machine only lasted a few years before it broken down and died. When we asked about it, they said that they no longer build things to last. I was annoyed. I want things to last, I know they won’t forever but at least as long as they did before.

What I want is the temporary things of this world to be like the eternal things of God’s world. And I realised I do this all the time. I realised that I am longing for and trying to create a heaven on earth like state. And this shouldn’t surprise us because Ecclesiastes 3:11 says that “God has set eternity in the hearts of people.”

We are created by God to live forever. And more that that, Jesus said these precious words in Luke 12:32 “Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Wow! God wants us to have his eternal, perfect kingdom. A kingdom where we don’t die and things don’t “break”.

But, as I look around and even in my own life, I can see people working to set up their own mini kingdoms of comfort and happiness with those around them. And it is true we are kingdom oriented. God has made us kingdom focused in this way. And so, we will either live and work for God’s kingdom, servicing him or we will live and work for our own kingdom.

But why bother!!! Why bother work so hard to set up a comfortable little kingdom for ourselves here on earth? We make terrible kings and queens. As king, we don’t always know best. We don’t have control like we want. The things we want to make us happy ultimately don’t. We fail to defend ourselves against temptation. Instead, what we really need is, rescue, mercy, justice, guidance, refuge and protection.

Why bother living to set up our own kingdoms when we have already been given one, an eternal one, a good one. I mean, if Daniel shows us anything, it’s that kingdoms come and kingdoms go (including ours), but God’s remains forever.

The best thing we can do, is live out the call God has on our lives to build his kingdom. To help others come to his eternal and perfect kingdom of grace and rescue through Jesus. We are already in this brilliant kingdom now, so stop trying to build another. Because soon, we will fully and forever be in God’s when Jesus returns. His kingdom is worth giving up ours for, it’s worth everything.                        Chris