Why I keep doing this?

I’m often asked to write a “how did camp go” piece, detailing the events and successes that happened on camp. But this year I’d like to follow Hollywood, and write a “pre-quel” to camp. It was at an SU run “Director’s Day” in Brisbane that I was first challenged to consider what my definition of a “successful” camp was. So in considering what I thought success looked like, I suppose success in any venture is defined by whether you have achieved the aims or goals of that venture. Anyone who has heard me out on this would also know that I am very definite on the focus of camp: namely that we aim to disciple young “churched” kids, and challenge them to make their parent’s faith their own, because God doesn’t have grandchildren. At the same time, very recently I read a report on a significant research study done in Australia, across all denominations. This study reported that one of the most significant factors in influencing someone’s decision for Christ was Christian camps. A staggering 45% of committed Christians under the age of 40 stated that attending a Camp influenced their choice to follow Christ – either at the time, or in subsequent years, looking back. Forty-five percent! This is a statistic that is awesome in how great that is, but also in how much responsibility that carries. So the measure of success for Splashout, is that 11 out of 19 leaders under the age of 40 attended Splashout in the past, and are still faithfully following Christ. And ALL my leaders have attended Christian camps in the past, and attribute them to having a significant influence on their faith journey. Success is seeing how God is faithful year after year, in providing offers of sponsorship or other help. How we as a team have learned to rely on Him in all things, including when things seem a little hopeless. And remembering always that Camp Splashout, like all the others, is His camp, and we are just his agents for a little while. In His name, Kristin


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