Why Read That?

Next Sunday the Annual General Meeting (AGM) Reports booklet will be out. It will be longish and there will be lots of details in some of the reports.

So why would you read it? Well, here are eight good reasons why —

1) Because it will tell you what happened in your church last year. We can just assume that we know our church well — but I bet there will be things you will learn about TGS church from the reports.

2) Because it will give you many things you can thank and praise God for.

3) Because it will tell you many things which you should pray for and about. There are challenges and difficulties we should be asking our loving God about.

4) Because by the breadth or activities in our church it will show you that God is at work in us, amongst us and through us. So you can be encouraged.

5) Because the booklet should convince you that your prayers during the year are so valuable for our church— because all these ministries won’t continue to do good things, or even continue, full stop, apart from God working.

6) Because it will tell some of what will happen in the rest of this year. So you, your family and your calendar can prepare for them.

7) So you can know who to thank for the various ministries in and through our church. I’m sure the person who wrote each report would be very happy to receive ‘thanks’ from you for that ministry in 2017. And if the report doesn’t make it clear what you can pray for them and that ministry in 2018, just ask them.

8) Because it can help you to prayerfully think about who might be suitable to serve in various roles at TGS — such as who is suitable to be a Ministry Unit Councillor (Deacon) or Warden (Elder). You might also think of someone who might be good in a certain area at church. Then you could mention it to the leader of that ministry and talk to the person themselves. Maybe they’ve never thought of serving in that area, but they might be really good at it! Or have the potential to become very good at it.

So, Happy Reading everyone, but even more so, good reading!





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September 13, 2020