Why Religious Instruction is good

There’s a famous saying that goes like this: “The thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history”! You might be aware that (again) some are pushing for Religious Instruction (R.I.) to be removed from schools. This is a very narrow-minded and ignorant stance— even if someone was an atheist. Here are (just some of the many) reasons why R.I. in schools is a good idea — 1. It helps children to know what they believe and why Who am I? What do I stand for? Why do I believe/think/speak/live that way? These are all questions which RI helps to answer. Aristotle said, “the unexamined life is not worth living.” 2. You can’t understand Australia properly if you don’t know about religions Religions (especially Christianity) have played a large role in the development of modern Australia. If you don’t understand about them, you can’t possibly understand some of why Australia is the country it is today. 3. You can’t understand the world properly if you don’t know about religions In this ‘connected’, ‘global village’ world, we need citizens who know more not less about people of other countries— which includes their religions because so many people in the world are religious. RI helps people to be ‘world citizens’. 4. ‘Tolerance’ demands it Tolerance is said to be highly valued in Qld. Well, if it is, then children should be allowed to learn about them (with their parents’ permission). 5. It’s not ‘indoctrination’ The children make up their own minds about what is presented. No one is forced to believe anything the R.I. Instructor says. R.I. participation is voluntary— no child should be there unless their parent(s)/guardian have given permission. 6. Benefits are proven Many studies prove that there are positive health and wellbeing benefits to religious experience. Of course, as Christians, we affirm that the gospel brings salvation to children every year through, in part, R.I. But it’s their choice to believe. So … R.I. — it’s only 1 lesson per week! So, abolishing it … really!?!?!


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