One of the most powerful things we can do for a friend, colleague, child or spouse is to be an encourager. The society we live in is a quest for perfection, ‘the rat race”. We are bombarded with unrealistic finish lines, if you drive this car, if you live in this suburb, if you go here for a holiday, then you have won the race. Congratulations you have won the ‘rat race”.

Considering these circumstances, it is not unusual for people to feel irrelevant, overwhelmed, discouraged, and depressed. But when challenges and setbacks come in people’s lives, we can be encouragers. Try these out, with a smile.

Don’t worry you may have missed it this time, but you can try again 🙂

Great job, thanks for the hard work 🙂

And there are many more. The secret is to find ways to encourage our friends and loved ones with notes, calls, cards, verses, emails, text messages, a hug, and a smile. In a society where people are quick to criticise and condemn, let’s let our mouths speak differently.

If you’re still reading, then my encouragement to you is to make sure you are involved with a home group. I encourage each one of us to find the right home group for you. They meet at different homes, different nights, different times, and the age groups vary also. Home groups are the best way to encourage others, and to be encouraged ourselves. Home groups are the backbone of a strong and healthy church, and the more people in home groups means we have a stronger backbone of our church. Home group members support and nurture each other and encourage each other. For me personally, I love doing life with my home group.

Friends, I encourage you to join a home group today, if you’re not already in one, and if you are in one already – Good Job